Design Inspiration: Jessica Lagrange

Over the next few weeks, we are looking to various interior designers in the Chicago market for inspiration and creative ideas. Each of these designers have developed a stye that is uniquely theirs. Their work is praised for its creativity and beauty. By examining the processes of various design professionals, we hope to provide fresh creativity for our readers. This week we spoke with Jessica Lagrange, founder of Jessica Lagrange Interiors. We asked Mrs. Lagrange how she finds inspiration for her amazing work. If you would like to checkout her portfolio as well as design philosophy, you can view her website here:

Jessica said the following about finding inspiration:

The initial inspiration always comes from the unique styles and sensibilities of our clients, because we want our designs to reflect their particular aesthetic.  Once we get a sense for the overall direction of a project, the inspiration comes from all over.  We look to fabulous artisans, suppliers, and dealers to help us dream up and source fantastic textiles, furniture, art and accessories.  We draw inspiration from the beautiful architecture and rich culture in Chicago and on our travels all over the world.  More and more, too, we are looking to social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for interesting design details and style combinations that can help bring an entire look together.

Jessica’s approach to design and interiors encompasses a broad spectrum of inspiration, but she always starts with client. This is crucial for the success of any project; as interior designers, we must always put the client first. As we connect with our clients and learn their aesthetic, individuality, and preferences, we can develop a template in which we pour our creativity and passion. Without this crucial first step, we will end up heading in the wrong direction.

Jessica also mentioned the beautiful architecture in Chicago; Chicago is a world city, and it showcases world renown architecture. As a Chicagoan, it is easy to find inspiration among the beautiful works of art that surround me on a daily basis. From the John Hancock building, to the Auditorium building, to the Chicago Board of Trade building, Chicago is filled with wonderful architecture. By examining these works of art, we can better be prepared with design inspiration for our projects.

Jessica also hit on the use of social media for finding inspiration. By utilizing social media as well as blog posts by our favorite designers and artists, we can expand our knowledge of design and find wonderful inspiration. Our world is full of inspiration; as we take the time to look for things that inspire our design, we can better meet the needs of our clients. By starting with the aesthetic and personal states of our clients, we can be prepared to take on any project. By adding our own inspiration to these client focused projects, we design a space which delights. Inspiration can come at any point, so must be ready to capture these ideas and put them into practice.