AKB_08 in the Chef’s kitchen

An exclusive project of strategic and conceptual innovation, conceived by the team effort of Arrital designer, Franco Driusso, and chef, Andrea Berton, to take the functionality of a professional kitchen into peoples’ homes, enriched by contemporary design.

The name is AKB_08 (Arrital Kitchen Berton_08) where the “B” indicates the partnership between the north-Italian company Arrital Cucine and chef Andrea Berton. It is the first time that a home kitchen has been designed and built according to a top chef’s needs in terms of efficiency and functionality, while never compromising on Arrital’s characteristic design, simplicity and compositional elegance. From the appliances and spatial organization, to the fittings and materials, everything has been chosen with utmost care and under the watchful eyes of the chef and designer, who have shared all of the design steps, each contributing with their own special, unique creativity.

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